Halloween Tips for Pets

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Halloween is a fun and festive holiday for us huHalloween Tips for Healthy Petsmans, but can be a bad adventure for a pet.  Its is important to remember that our digestive systems are designed differently than those of our pets. Candy in all forms is not good for pets to eat.  Chocolate can not only cause their stomachs to become upset but can lead to seizures depending on the amount and form of chocolate the pet eats. Candy can also contain xylitol, which can cause hypoglycemia potentially leading your pet to collapse or have seizures from the low sugar level. 


With this holiday comes many “unexpected” visitors and creatures, or other pets. This type of activity can lead some pets to be very uncomfortable. Pets that have anxiety should be sheltered away from all of the activity, as the strangers in odd outfits coming in and out of your home can be very stressful for them.  During this night of antics, please do not leave your pet unattended. Some individuals do have weird senses of humor and can play pranks on your pet.  While seeing pups and kittens of all types can be the cutest things to look at, if your pet is not used to wearing any clothing, this may add to the stress of the evening when we force them to wear a costume. If you decide to dress them up, it’s important to watch your pet to make sure they can tolerate the costume.


Pets like to eat things, and are also prone to eating foreign bodies or items that they really shouldn’t. These are usually things that are left in the yard. The main concern with this scenario is that these items can cause intestinal blockages. These blockages can be very dangerous to your beloved pet, and may result in extensive operations, or even worse fates.


With all of the fun and excitement of these events, it is also important that your pet have some form of identification in case they get lost. The most recommended form of identification comes from Micro-chipping.  If you are not able to do this, then at least have a collar and tag with your contact information to allow the finder to reach you and return your pet home.  

If your pet is well socialized, it will probably do fine during the festivities, but do still keep a close eye on all the activities your pet is participating in.  If your pet suffers from anxiety, see your veterinarian and they may be able to prescribe some medications to help your pet cope during the stressful night. 

Hoping that you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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