Wellness Plans

Many people have regular appointments with their doctors for wellness visits. Physical exams, blood work, heart rate monitoring, and diet and exercise education are all part of routine doctor visits for people. Did you know that all of these protocols are crucial for a healthy pet as well? At Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Pete Van Duzee will develop a wellness program tailored specifically for your pet.

When animals are young, they have a unique set of needs, all of which will be met at our hospital. Vaccinations, proper nutrition, and spaying or neutering for all animals not used for breeding purchases are top priorities for puppies and kittens. Heartworm and flea and tick preventatives are also selected at this stage of their lives. Finally, dental care should begin at home at this stage, and Dr. Van Duzee will instruct you on how to properly care for their teeth.

As pets begin to mature, their needs will change as well. Diet foods will be updated based on numerous factors including age, breed, and overall health. Dental examinations and cleanings will need to occur yearly as each dog and cat reaches adulthood. Maintaining the vaccination schedule of your pet continues to be important, to prevent most common diseases. Finally, blood work should be run to establish a healthy baseline of blood values which are specific to your pet companion.

Our senior pets have special needs that will be met with loving care at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic. Small and medium dogs, as well as cats, are generally considered to be senior at seven years of age, while large and giant breed dogs are labeled geriatric beginning at age five. For mature pets, Dr. Van Duzee emphasizes the early detection of health issues, so they may be corrected or treated before they may become more severe. Vaccinations and dental care will remain a priority for the senior pets under our care. Diet food will be selected based on the specific needs of your mature pet. Blood work and physical exams should be conducted yearly, and more frequently in some cases.

Regardless of the current age or condition of your pet, our compassionate veterinarian will create a wellness plan to keep them healthy as long as possible. Please contact one of our caring professionals at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic to schedule your pet’s wellness exam today!

Our Wellness Packages

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