Dr. Pete’s Tips

  • May 04 2021

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    Signs and Symptoms: Fleas

    Having a furry family member brings so much joy into our lives. They know when we are happy, when we need comforting and are readily available to do something funny…

  • Feb 10 2021

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    Pet Oral Care

    There is a running joke amongst pet owners of their babies having doggie breath.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a laughing matter.  Just like humans, your pet shouldn’t have bad breath.  If…

  • Jan 08 2021

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    Grooming and it’s Importance in Your Pet’s Life

    We all want our pets to live a full, and healthy life. One way to achieve that is regular grooming, not only does it help keep your pet looking sharp,…

  • Dec 04 2020

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    Helping your pet weather the winter.

    Even though we are in South Louisiana, where the weather is milder (if not downright oppressive) most of the year, we still have to protect our pets from the winter.  Their…

  • Nov 11 2020

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    Boarding with a Veterinarian

    Holiday season is quickly approaching, and this year will be just a little different due to the Covid-19 situation. While a good amount of folks will still travel, a large…

  • Oct 26 2020

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    Halloween Tips for Pets

    Halloween is a fun and festive holiday for us humans, but can be a bad adventure for a pet.  Its is important to remember that our digestive systems are designed…

  • Oct 23 2020

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    Healthy Happy Dog

    Bringing home a new pet is exciting and scary, along with tons of other emotions. When it comes to puppies,  one of the fears most shared by new puppy owners…