Anesthesia Consent - Dental

  • I.V. CATHETER/FLUIDS: When an animal is placed under anesthetic many problems could arise. An intravenous catheter will be placed to help in case problems were to arise while under anesthesia. Placing an I.V. catheter and running fluids will help to keep the blood pressure at a more controlled level as well as keep access to a vein available if medications or lifesaving drugs need to be administered. If your pet is having any elective surgery performed (spay, neuter, dental) an IV catheter is included in your surgery cost. **If your pet is having any non-elective procedure performed there is a $38 charge for IV catheter with fluids.
    (We ask that you would please be available if you check yes. It is very important to get a timely response because of your pet being under anesthesia)