Preventative Plans

Affordable Preventative Health Care for Your Pets

*Save $150 when bundling all preventative care for your puppy/kitten’s first year.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Start your new puppy or kitten’s life off the right way! From vaccinations, to one-on-one exams with Dr. Pete, your new dog or cat should be in superb condition by the time it’s an adult! Our wellness plans are the best way to begin a very happy, lovable journey with your new companion.

Adults Pets can have issues that are usually undetectable until they are severe. This is why it is so important to have regular visits with your veterinarian early in your pets life. Preventative care makes them more likely to not have problems later. We recommend following our Adult Animal Wellness Chart for guidance on when and why to bring you animal to us.

The more your companion ages, the more care and attention it will need. Our senior wellness schedule is exactly what the name implies- care for your elderly pet. Dr. Pete and his staff will provide the best treatment options for your pet according to their age. This helps to diagnose and potentially treat disease earlier, for a longer happier life for your pet.

We are currently offering kitten and puppy plans that provide complete preventative care for the first year of life of your pet that can be split into multiple payments. If these work well we may begin this same program for adults and senior pets. *If there are ANY services you would like to see, inclusive services evolve with necessity. Speak up, we’re listening!