FullSizeRender [49597]Diagnostics

We offer a variety of diagnostics to diagnose your pets illness. From bloodwork, ultrasound, radiographs, urinalysis, stool testing- we can find out why your furry friend is not right.


Diagnostic bloodwork

We provide in-house bloodwork to evaluate your pet at the most important time- when it is sick. In matter of 20 minutes we can look at all major organ systems to provide the best treatment now. It also allows us to make sure your pet is safe to go to surgery. We can also use to monitor concurrent disease in your pet to make sure no further adjustment is needed to their medication.

Heartworm testing (occult)

This is a test looking for adult heartworms that have made it into your pets heart. This can cause heart failure in both dogs and cats. There is no treatment available for cats- so apply Revolution monthly to prevent disease in your cat. We recommend this test at least yearly to make sure your pet is healthy. This test is also performed with a wellness visit.

Intestinal parasite exam

also know as a fecal exam is usually performed during a wellness visit or if your pet is sick-having diarrhea or vomiting. It requires a stool sample. Your pet would really appreciate it if you would bring in a recent sample from that day so that we don’t have to collect it. We perfom testing on stool to mainly look for intestinal parasites causing illness in your pet. This is not only important to your pet but some of these parasites can cause disease in humans as well.


Is usually an add on modality that allows us to take the xray to the next level. We can look at specific tissue and differentiate it as solid or fluid filled. Currently our doctors can evaluate abdomen very well, but need more learning to evaluate the heart. This allows us more range in finding stones in bladder, tumors, kidney function, etc.

Survey radiographs

These are whole body radiographs that we provide in order to evaluate different parts of your pets body. With chest xrays we can evaluate your pets heart, lungs, esophagus, cervical area of spine, etc. Abdominal radiographs allows us to look at entire gi, thoracic and lumbar spine, bladder-so we can fine stones in bladder, kidneys, foreign bodies in stomach, disc disease in back etc.